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Linked 4 Life Mission
To link together one pledge, one person, one carabiner at a time, inviting people to speak openly about mental health issues while encouraging listening without judgement, to create safe spaces across the country, connecting with a message of hope to those who need help the most.

Connected in Hope
The carabiner is a visual reminder that we’re linked together, and it’s OK to ask for help. We’re each other’s safe space, creating a message of hope—one link at a time. Our pledge to be #Linked4Life will break through the stigma that leaves too many people struggling in silence.

“Many individuals have been personally affected by someone in their lives living with a mental health illness. Unfortunately, it’s not until there is a suicide – or an attempted suicide – that the seriousness of the situation is brought to light and talked about.”

– Cheryl, Co-Owner, Bear’s Restaurant Group

Linked 4 Life is a concerted, collective, and connected effort to change this trajectory of tragedy. They’re linking together to engage more individuals, businesses, teams, and communities across the country in normalizing mental health conversations. Linked 4 Life is a proactive approach to helping people who are struggling, encouraging them to share how they are feeling, and to reach out for help.

Bear’s Restaurant Group is committed to the Jordan Porco Foundation’s mission of preventing suicide, promoting mental health, and creating a message of hope for young adults. Proceeds from the Linked 4 Life movement help keep the chain of hope going – reaching across the country – to connect people to lifesaving programs and resources.

#Linked4Life is Co-Founded by Bear’s Restaurant Group and the Jordan Porco Foundation


Meet Our Team

Cheryl Antoncic
Cheryl Antoncic Co-Owner
Bear's Restaurant Group
Rachel Papke
Rachel PapkeDir. of Events & Communications
Jordon Porco Foundation
Marisa Porco
Marisa PorcoPresident and Co-Founder
Jordon Porco Foundation
Jamie McDonald
Jamie McDonaldCo-Owner
Bear's Restaurant Group
Matt Whitaker
Matt WhitakerProject Coordinator
Bear's Restaurant Group
Kyle Marcoux
Kyle MarcouxDirector of Marketing
Bear's Restaurant Group
Joseph McDonald
Joseph McDonaldWebsite and Video
Bear's Restaurant Group

World Record Event Team Captains

Corinne Ferrante
Corinne FerranteBlind Pig Team Captain
April Flores
April FloresBear's Windsor
Tiana Concepcion
Tiana ConcepcionBear's Hartford

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