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Art For Hope

Public Art Installations raising awareness about Mental Health & Linked 4 Life.

Project Background

The Linked 4 Life team has partnered with CT Murals, and Born&Bred Studios to develop a series of art installations to raise awareness about Mental Health and the support that is available to individuals. The art consists of one large sculpture and four murals that are 5ft x 5ft. The artwork will be placed around the City of Hartford to shine light for individuals to know they are not alone.

The completed Art for Hope sculpture was displayed at the Linked 4 Life kick-off event on October 10th at Yard Goats Stadium. The Art for Hope murals were live painted at the event and will be installed in the Hartford area as permanent messages of HOPE.

About the Art for Hope Installations

The Sculpture is meant to be a symbol of HOPE for the community. A large, 3-D structure with the letters “HOPE” and the Linked 4 Life carabiners attached as a visual reminder that we’re linked together, and it’s OK to ask for help. The design is being completed by Alyssa Haley of Born &Bred studios and will be fabricated by Apprentices at Hartford’s local Iron Workers Union.

The Art for Hope Installation

About the Art for Hope Murals

CT Murals worked with 4 local artists to complete a series of murals to bring awareness to the Linked 4 Life mission. The murals were painted live at our World Mental Health Day event by artists Corey Pane, Deka Henry, Rachel Dinda, and Lindaluz Carrillo. See below for previous work from these artists.

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Art For Hope Sponsors

The Art For Hope project is made possible through donations & sponsorships by the following individuals and businesses:

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Contributions for the Art For Hope project are being taking via sponsorships and donations. If you or your business would like to support raising mental health awareness and suicide prevention, please contact us by clicking the button below. Your support is critical with America’s increasing suicide rate.

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Art for Hope Sculpture Sketches

Would You Like A Linked 4 Life Mural For Your Community Or Place Of Business?

If you or your business would like to support raising mental health awareness and suicide prevention, by having a mural at your business or in your community, please contact us by clicking the button below.

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Previous Work By Our Mural Artists

Previous work Lindaluz Carrillo:

Previous work Deka Henry:

Previous work Corey Pane:

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Please help us reach our goal of raising $3000 to kick-off Art For Hope.

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