Once your team has been formed we will send you an email with a link to a Google Form at the primary email address provided.  Teams will complete this form and select one of the following options for their carabiners:

  1. Our team will send 2 members to the World Record event on October 10th.  Our team will pick up all of our carabiners in person and link them together*
    • My team will be bringing all earned carabiners to the World Record event
    • My team will be bringing the minimum 100 to the World Record event but will distribute all remaining to our friends and family that supported us.

*Pick up will be at the Bear’s Restaurant Group location of your choice in Windsor, Hartford, or South Windsor, Connecticut on October 6 & 7 from 10AM-8PM.  If your team can not pick up on one of these days please contact info@linkedforlife.org to make alternate arrangements.

  1. Our team would like volunteers from Linked 4 Life to link our carabiners together and attach it to the World Record chain on October 10th on our behalf.  Members of our team are not able to attend the event.  Teams and their followers will be able to tune in via our Live Broadcast to watch the event and their team’s chain being added.  We may also contact select teams to interview live if they are interested.
    • Please use all of our earned carabiners for the World Record event.
    • Please mail us any of our earned carabiners over the initial 100 so that we can distribute them to our friends and family.