Where does the money go? 

All proceeds will go towards the purchase of more carabiners to keep the chain of hope going well beyond October 10th and the lifesaving programs of the Jordan Porco Foundation.  Our goal is to have every person across the nation and world wearing a carabiner as a display of their commitment to breaking the stigma

Our team is participating on October 10th. What should we expect?

Teams will be assigned a designated time to arrive and “check-in” with their pre-linked chains.  Due to COVID concerns, and a need to limit the number of people in the stadium at one time we will be limiting teams to 2 members (please see additional details about COVID protocol below) Our volunteers will confirm and

What does it mean to “earn” a carabiner?

Teams are raising money to help us break the world record by creating their own chain that will link up with other team chains.  Each team will earn 100 carabiners with their $300 initial donation.  Any carabiners earned beyond that can either be added to the team chain that will go to the World Record

What if my team raises more than $300?

For every $3 that a team raises over $300, they will earn (1) carabiner.  Ex. A team gets started for $300 and earns $300 more for a grand total of $600.  They will have earned 200 carabiners.  (600 divided by 3 = 200)

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