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Pastel Paintbrush Marks
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Art Speaks Louder Than Words

Art4Hope is a partnership of Linked4Life and RiseUp that uses art to raise awareness and spark mental health conversations. Our team of world-class artists and project managers works with communities around the country to beautify and bring their vision of HOPE to their community. We engage community stakeholders and residents to create lasting artwork and human connection.

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Helen Street Greenspace Revitalization

Bridgeport, CT



Keney Park Revitalization

Hartford, CT


RISEUP FOR ARTS is a non-profit aimed at creating public art that is inclusive and accessible for anyone.


RiseUp creates public art through public art consulting and curating, donations, grants, and community goodwill.


RiseUp supports artists, cities, other non-profits, companies, and local community members in making public art projects come to life.


The organization helps create the vision and manages the entire process to beautify communities.

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