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Kitchen Staff

MHPA Program

Food & Beverage Industry

Asheville, NC

Linked4Life has partnered with Dr. Laura Jones, MindWell Consulting LLC, and All Souls Counseling to establish a Mental Health Peer Advocacy (MHPA) program for the Food and Beverage Industry in Asheville, NC. This program will provide training  to peer, or self-nominated Food and Beverage leaders to serve as mental health advocates for their staff.


Advocates will receive basic training in mental health and stay informed about resources that exist for staff that are in need off help from a licensed professional. They will serve as a safe space and act as connectors to vital resources for their peers.


All advocates are required to attend the Mental Health First Aid Course and commit to attending any additional trainings.


Cheryl Antoncic, Linked4Life Founder, has had the goal of providing this type of training and program for the Food and Beverage Industry after opening her restaurants in 2013, and witnessing firsthand the challenges many of her employees faced, related to mental health.  

Taking an Order

Examples of Participating 
Food & Beverage Businesses

  • Bear's Smokehouse BBQ

  • Wicked Weed Brewing Funkatorium

  • HI-WIRE Brewing

  • Chemist Spirits

  • Asheville Brewing

  • Chai Pani Indian Street Food

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