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Linked For Life would like to thank our wonderful sponsors who are graciously helping us stay #Linked4Life

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The Hartford Yardgoats/ Dunkin’ Donuts Park

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Linked 4 Life sponsorships are available for our l0/10/2020 event as well as our Art For Hope campaign. It’s your company’s opportunity to take the Linked 4 Life pledge, supporting raising mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Your support is critical with America’s increasing suicide rate.

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Iron workers local 15 | RiseUp

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Linked 4 Life Teams are open to anyone with a commitment to the mission of breaking the stigma associated with mental health.  Participants do not need to reside or be present in Connecticut for the event on October 10th.  It is recommended that team members are over the age of 18 or have the consent of their parent/legal guardian.

There is no set number of members for a team, and teams can consist of a single person or a large number of individuals.

Start or join an existing team by clicking here.

The registration fee is $300 for a single team, regardless of the number of team members.

No, however, each individual team member is encouraged to raise a minimum of $90 each. 

Your $300 gets you 100 carabiners to start your team chain that will be added to the larger chain that will break the World Record for the longest chain of carabiners on World Mental Health Day, Saturday, October 10th.

Once you start your team you will get a unique team fundraising link that you can share with anyone you want to invite to join your team.

Your supporters can donate to your team’s efforts by:

    1. Giving online by credit card via your team’s fundraising page. 
    2. Making a check out to the Jordan Porco Foundation. Please have your donor write your name and “Linked 4 Life” on the memo line.  Mail the check to: Jordan Porco Foundation
      Goodwin Square
      225 Asylum St. 23rd Fl
      Hartford, CT 06103

    3. Giving you cash. Then you can either make the donation to your team page using your own personal credit card.

Unfortunately, we are unable to integrate successfully with Facebook and ensure that all donations are tracked and properly-acknowledged when Facebook is used.  However, you will have a link that you can share on your social media that takes your followers straight to your team’s Linked 4 Life page.

For every $3 that a team raises over $300, they will earn (1) carabiner.  Ex. A team gets started for $300 and earns $300 more for a grand total of $600.  They will have earned 200 carabiners.  (600 divided by 3 = 200)

Teams are raising money to help us break the world record by creating their own chain that will link up with other team chains.  Each team will earn 100 carabiners with their $300 initial donation.  Any carabiners earned beyond that can either be added to the team chain that will go to the World Record event on October 10th or be distributed by the team to their friends and family as a visual reminder of a commitment to breaking the stigma of mental health.

Yes, we plan to recognize and honor the team that earns the most carabiners.  This team will be featured on our website and social media as well as be recognized at a post-event celebration where they are presented with an official Guinness World Record certification.

Once your team has been formed we will send you an email with a link to a Google Form at the primary email address provided.  Teams will complete this form and select one of the following options for their carabiners:

  1. Our team will send 2 members to the World Record event on October 10th.  Our team will pick up all of our carabiners in person and link them together*
    • My team will be bringing all earned carabiners to the World Record event
    • My team will be bringing the minimum 100 to the World Record event but will distribute all remaining to our friends and family that supported us.

*Pick up will be at the Bear’s Restaurant Group location of your choice in Windsor, Hartford, or South Windsor, Connecticut on October 6 & 7 from 10AM-8PM.  If your team can not pick up on one of these days please contact to make alternate arrangements.

  1. Our team would like volunteers from Linked 4 Life to link our carabiners together and attach it to the World Record chain on October 10th on our behalf.  Members of our team are not able to attend the event.  Teams and their followers will be able to tune in via our Live Broadcast to watch the event and their team’s chain being added.  We may also contact select teams to interview live if they are interested.
    • Please use all of our earned carabiners for the World Record event.
    • Please mail us any of our earned carabiners over the initial 100 so that we can distribute them to our friends and family.

Teams will be assigned a designated time to arrive and “check-in” with their pre-linked chains.  Due to COVID concerns, and a need to limit the number of people in the stadium at one time we will be limiting teams to 2 members (please see additional details about COVID protocol below) Our volunteers will confirm and record the number of carabiners brought by each team before they are escorted to the main area to link their chain to the larger World Record chain.  At that time teams will be announced over the PA system and we will hopefully also have them featured on the scoreboard. Teams will be provided with a sign to place next to their chain’s section that includes their name, number of carabiners in their chain, and their personal message of hope.  Some teams may also be asked to participate in the live broadcast we are planning to share their story and what Linked 4 Life has meant to them.

  1. Participants will be required to confirm they are symptom-free and have not been exposed to anyone with COVID or COVID-like symptoms.
  2. All participants will be required to wear a mask at all times.
  3. We will enforce social distancing practices.
  4. The event will not be open to the public. The only people that will be on-site for the event will be stadium staff, Linked 4 Life volunteers, media staff, and team participants.
  5. Teams can only send 2 people with their chain to connect to the larger World Record chain.
  6. Teams will be provided a designated check-in time to avoid large groups from forming. Check-in times will be staggered to prevent overlap of teams.
  7. Sanitizer stations will be provided throughout the event area and reminder signage about maintaining social distancing.

Take the pledge and post on your social media. Visit  for more info.

Donate $3.00 and receive a carabiner by visiting any Bear’s Restaurant Group location or from our online store.

Make a direct donation by clicking here.

There are many volunteer opportunities and we would love to hear from you to see where your interests, skills, and background may contribute to our mission and success. To inquire more about volunteering and providing services to Linked 4 Life visit our website

All proceeds will go towards the purchase of more carabiners to keep the chain of hope going well beyond October 10th and the lifesaving programs of the Jordan Porco Foundation.  Our goal is to have every person across the nation and world wearing a carabiner as a display of their commitment to breaking the stigma associated with mental health.  

The information on this website is provided for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should consult a mental health or medical professional for advice regarding your individual situation.

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